21 02 2024
Progetto Fuoco 2024 - KAWMET / SAVEN
Catch one of KAWMETs consultants at Progetto Fuoco, Verona (Feb 28 - Mar 2), Hall 5, Booth 50. Let's talk castings, wood-burning stoves, fireplace inserts, and more. KawMet...
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29 01 2024
Innovations in the KAWMET Foundry: research and development
On January 1, 2024, Kawmet commenced the implementation of a research and development project funded by the European Funds for Modern Economy, Priority Support for...
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15 12 2023
KAWMET Pays Tribute to the Sailing Legend
Over four decades ago, the renowned sailor Henryk Jaskuła sailed into the port of Gdynia, marking a historic moment as the first Pole in history to successfully complete a solo...
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15 12 2023
Tradition meets innovation. KAWMET at the Polish Foundryman’s Day in Cracow on December 15, 2023!
Although the KawMet foundry has been in existence for over 40 years and remains a family-owned business managed by the owner, it is not indifferent to the local and global...
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11 06 2019
Płomień Roku AWARD
Thank you for the distinction !
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30 08 2018
Completion of construction in Zadąbrowie
We are pleased to announce the completion of the construction of the new headquarters of the Foundry in Zadąbrowie - Economic Zone
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22 11 2017
Construction of a new foundry
We are changing for you. When we started our business over 30 years ago, our goal was to provide you with the highest quality iron castings. Today we are one of the largest...
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05 10 2017
Kyiv Fair 2017
Last week we participated in the "Construction, Architecture, Real Estate Fair" in Kiev.
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