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The desire to combine the continuous improvement of production for the satisfaction of our customers with care for the environment was the impetus for undertaking another investment: the construction of a new foundry.

The investment in a new production plant significantly increased our production capacity.
Currently, our processing capacity is about 12,500 tons of finished castings per year.


The "Kaw-Met" Marek Kawiński Foundry specializes in the production of castings of gray, spheroidal cast iron and alloy iron.Our foundry is equipped with two automatic moulding lines DISAMATIC with high mould production rate.Smaller batch quantities and castings that size or weight exceeds our moulding lines capability are produced in our hand moulding department. Maximum casting weight we produce is 200kg.

Thanks to the application of modern and accurate production methods, we are able to achieve very good dimensional accuracy and excellent surface finish of our castings. We produce in accuracy class CT9-CT10 acc. to PN-ISO 8062.

High accuracy
best quality
Our castings are characterized by high accuracy of manufacture (accuracy class CT9-CT10 according to ISO 8062) and excellent surface quality.
Bell foundry
Artistic castings
We also produce artistic casts from bronze and other alloys according to the design and specification of the customer.

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