Financing agreement no. FENG.01.01-IP.02-1570/23
Financing agreement no. FENG.01.01-IP.02-1570/23
Material and structural conversion of components operating at elevated temperatures along with the implementation of an innovative technology for refining liquid cast iron in casting form

Project No. FENG.01.01-IP.02-1570/23 implemented under the European Funds for the Modern Economy 2021-2027 (FENG), 1st Priority Support for entrepreneurs, Measure SMART Path.. titled
Material and construction conversion of working elementsat elevated temperatures with the implementation of an innovative technology for refining liquid cast iron in a casting mold.
Time limit for completionfrom 01/01/2024 to 30/06/2026
Project value (total project cost):
PLN 41,345,897.31
Amount of contribution from European Funds (subsidy amount):PLN 19,718,041.95
The main goal is to implement the R&D Module (2 research tasks) and, independently of it, the Innovation Implementation Module.
The aim of the R&D Module is to carry out development work involving the development of a process innovation - a new technology for producing high-quality cast iron with alloy additions and graphite precipitates in the form of balls and/or spirals. Cast iron produced using the new technology will be characterized by increased strength properties, increased resistance to thermal shocks and corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures. The second goal of the module will be to develop a product innovation involving shape and material conversion of elements operating at elevated temperatures. The development of new shapes of casting structures will eliminate areas of thermal stress concentration, reduce cracking phenomena at the stage of casting and operation, and will extend the service life of the structure. The primary goal of material conversion of gray cast iron will be to improve machinability, which will reduce the costs and time of mechanical processing of elements.
The aim of the Innovation Implementation Module is to introduce innovation into production in the form of a cast iron refining process in the casting mold reactor in accordance with the technology described in patent No. PL.220357 entitled "Reactor for producing high-quality cast iron, especially spheroidal or vermicular." The second goal of the module is to implement process innovation in the enterprise in the field of economic and efficiency optimization of the process of melting charge materials in induction furnaces by incurring a number of investment outlays enabling the start of high-efficiency production of ductile iron in an innovative, economic and ecological production process.
Implementation of process and product innovation developed as part of the R&D Module into the business activities of Odlewnia KAW-MET Marek Kawiński Sp. z o. o. will result in the following results affecting the production process of gray and ductile cast iron components:
· Reduction of the tendency to thermal deformation of elements of heating devices most exposed to operation under thermal loads
· Increased production efficiency achieved by reducing the weight of heating equipment elements
· Reducing the number of defects caused by hot cracks
· Production of cast iron with above-standard plasticity properties
· Reduction of mortar consumption necessary to carry out the spheroidization process
· Elimination of unfavorable carbide-forming alloy additives from the composition of gray cast iron.
As a result of the implementation of the Implementation Module, two process innovations will be implemented:
1. Technology for producing ductile iron using a reactor in a casting mold, which will allow for:
· reducing the consumption of materials for the spheroidization process,
· reducing the cost of producing ductile iron,
· reduction of casting defects and deficiencies in ductile iron castings.
2. Economic and efficiency optimization of the process of melting raw materials in furnaces, which will contribute to:
· reducing the energy consumption of the induction furnace necessary to melt 1 ton of metal (without slag) for the production of ductile cast iron,
· reducing the energy consumption of the induction furnace necessary to melt 1 ton of metal (without slag) for the production of gray cast iron.
The main group of recipients of the products (target group) will be individual customers and distributors of heating devices, companies from the machinery industry and industrial fittings.
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