Over 30 years of experience
We are a foundry with over 30 years of experience in the production of industrial parts. All these years have taught us how to optimize both the production process and the construction of castings, so that the casts produced meet all the requirements set by the constructors and ensure at the same time consistent, excellent quality, with minimal work. Thanks to the use of modern automatic molding lines, our castings are characterized by very good dimensional accuracy, which allows minimizing the machining allowances, thus lowering the unit cost of the casting by reducing the weight of the detail, and shortening the machining time
introducing new materials and technologies
Our foundry focuses on innovation. Together with renowned Polish universities, we conduct research work on introducing new materials and technologies dedicated to a given application. Recently, this cooperation resulted in the granting of a patent on the method of increasing the fatigue strength of castings from ferritic nodular cast iron, thanks to the use of specialized heat treatment.
Full service
comprehensive service
We provide our clients with comprehensive service - not only the production of castings, but also cooperation on improving existing products
Full service
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