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Progetto Fuoco 2024 - KAWMET / SAVEN
21 02 2024

Progetto Fuoco 2024 - KAWMET / SAVEN

Catch one of KAWMETs consultants at Progetto Fuoco, Verona (Feb 28 - Mar 2), Hall 5, Booth 50. Let's talk castings,... more
Innovations in the KAWMET Foundry: research and development
29 01 2024

Innovations in the KAWMET Foundry:...

On January 1, 2024, Kawmet commenced the implementation of a research and development project funded by the European Funds for... more


By using the most modern methods for manufacturing of cast iron components and thanks to the use of high-quality cast iron with thick wall casting (in comparison to our competitors) we can ensure very high durability and reliability of KAWMET’s fireplace inserts.

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