The history of the foundry dates back to 1981
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Our history

In 1981, KAWMET was founded by Stanisław Kawiński in the quiet village of Wapowce, South-East Poland. Initially, our focus was on the production of cast iron radiators and machinery spare parts, employing up to 20 skilled workers in a hand-moulding production setting.

Evolution and Expansion:

In 1995, we started a new journey, introducing cast iron fireplace inserts and stoves to our product line. This shift marked the beginning of a dynamic expansion, and in 2005, our foundry relocated to the nearby Orły. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, including the AFI 86 horizontal moulding line, Eirich turbine mixer, 2x2t induction furnaces, our production capabilities soared, employing up to 100 dedicated individuals.

Automated Excellence:

In 2009, the installation of the DISAMATIC 2013A automatic moulding line propelled KAWMET  into a new era of production efficiency and casting quality. The year 2015 witnessed another milestone with the installation of the DISAMATIC 2070B, expanding our product range and solidifying our position as one of Poland’s leading foundries.

Site expansion

Strategic Growth:

Recognizing the need for further expansion, in 2018, KAWMET  opened a state-of-the-art foundry plant in Zadąbrowie, Poland. This move marked a significant leap forward, allowing us to overcome previous production limits and helping KawMet stay at the top of the foundry industry in Poland

Diversification into Winetic:

In 2022, KAWMET  diversified its portfolio with the founding of Winetic, a sister company specializing in the manufacturing of windows and doors. This strategic move exemplifies our commitment to adapt to evolving market needs while maintaining our core values of precision and innovation.

Vision for the Future:

As we stride into the future, KAWMET  remains dedicated to sustainability and technological advancement. Our 2024-2026 investment plan includes the construction of a 4 MW solar plant, the addition of 2x6t induction furnaces, and the development of a 3000 m2 hall with a high storage warehouse and loading docks. These initiatives signify our commitment to responsible growth and innovation.

At KAWMET, our journey is a testament to our unchanging dedication to excellence, ethical practices, and pioneering spirit. Join us as we continue to shape the future of precision casting and manufacturing.

From the very beginning, our activity was focused on the production of cast iron heating devices

The foundry is a company with a long-standing family tradition, where knowledge and experience gained in practice are passed down from generation to generation. The history of the plant dates back to 1981, when Stanisław Kawiński - the current owner's (Marek Kawiński) father - started to work in the foundry industry in Wapowce near Przemyśl.
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